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More millennials are choosing work abroad options for their careers

What makes Millennials Different?

  • Some people think Millennials are lazy. Two 20 somethings traveling.
  • Millennial Minds Are Different

    The current millennial narrative sums up 20-35 year olds as “ENTITLED”.

    Something Green Project is challenging this narrative by traveling the U.S. and conducting a set of interviews. Wanderös recently caught up with SGP in San Diego to hear more about their initiatives.

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  • The Something Green Project
  • A New Breed of Human

    Getting to the core of the Millennial Narrative is the main objective of Something Green Project. In a series of Interviews they are aggregating the burning, hot topic, questions that everyone else is afraid to ask.

    When I met with #SGProject they were interviewing a UX/UI Designer colleague Amanda A. She’s working with a company that is pushing the limits of company culture. The Control Group is a San Diego based Affiliate Marketing Group that recently awarded 100% health care coverage to their employees. Just five years ago a concept like this was reserved for only a handful of elite companies. With the surge of Millennials entering the workforce it’s becoming more common and expected of employers.

  • Millennials-Work-Abroad-More
  • Top Companies are Changing

    In order to attract top talent companies (like TCG) are evolving, fast. Some of the expected work amenities expected by Millennials include:

    1. The option to work remotely
    2. Dog friendly work environments
    3. Catered lunches and work events
    4. Unlimited PTO policies
    5. No project deadlines

Partying while you work increases output

This new breed of worker somehow found a way to increase their output by drinking on the job. Woah, yes it’s the truth, just walk into any tech firm in Silicon Valley, San Diego or San Francisco and it’s not uncommon to find not one, but two local beers on tap, a kitchen stocked with organic snacks and guided meditations on the “workout” deck (ocean view included).

Until non-millennials can find a way to keep up we’ll continue to change the world for the better while you drink knock-off Folgers in your dark, unattractive and boring offices wondering why the real talent in the world isn’t working for you.

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Andy Muns

Article Author: Andy Muns | Director of Smooth Travels for Wanderös.