What is Wanderös?

The travel / experience

Our Înspiration

We live in an exciting new time in which a growing number of people are able to work remotely. With that flexibility comes the freedom to design a life beyond traditional nine-to-five office job. We now have the ability to not only pursue our passions and career aspirations, but to do so while traveling the world, immersing ourselves in local cultures and becoming global citizens.

Why Wanderös?

By removing all of the worry and planning that comes with traveling abroad, Wanderös allows participants to focus on their work, passions, and experiencing everything that each new city and culture has to offer.

In addition to handling the logistics of traveling, Wanderös also brings together 75 professionals and creatives for each Jöurney because we believe that the only thing that is better than traipsing across the globe is doing so with others who share a passion for travel.

Steven Fendry

Strategic Initiatives

Stacy Killebrew

Operations Management

Kevin McPeek

Communications Manager

Andy Muns

Marketing Manager


Denver, Colorado / University of London

After receiving his Masters degree in International Business, Steven managed large strategic investments for a fortune 500 company. His knack for strategic planning, coupled with his love for travel, made Wanderos an endeavor to which he was naturally drawn and hoped to share with others.

Steven’s favorite aspect of traveling is the unexpected experiences he encounters abroad that forever alter the way in which he views the world. He was lucky enough to live in a Spain for a few years and has been hooked on traveling (and Sangria) ever since.


San Diego, California / University of Northern Colorado

Although Andy has his B.S. in Finance, he pursued his passion for digital marketing as an Analyst for an Alexa Top 300 website and as a Contractor for multiple Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech companies, including contributions to the world’s most secure enterprise server application. His background and skills are what allows the Wanderos vision to truly come to life.

Andy’s favorite part of traveling is exploring new beaches and live local music. He has been known to sit in as an esteemed guest in a number of Mariachi bands in Mexico.


M-F: 8AM – 7PM MST


Steven Fendry
e: steven@wanderos.com



Andy Muns
e: andy@wanderos.com