Work remotely in Bali Indonesia


Bali, Indonesia is a paradise island. Rich and diverse history, seaside temples, cultural traditions including ceremonies and the Kecak dance, volcanic sightseeing adventures and superb yoga are just some of the highlights for Bali. Diving is a popular activity due to the being an area with some of the highest biodiversity of marine species in the world. Inhabitants are warm and good humored people.

Brief History
Bali has evidence of being inhabited since the Paleolithic age. Around 2000 BC, Austronesian people migrated to the islands. Europeans, primarily Dutch colonized the island in the 16th century though long held traditions have remained.

What It Is Known For
Temples, macaque monkey interactions, outdoor activities are among the globally known island.

Traditions ways have lasted for the Balinese people, welcoming tourists from all over the world to take part in learning the local culture.

Must See
Tanah Lot Temple is one of seven sea temples on the island, built in the 16th century, is a place to learn and take in the amazing scenery.

Nearby Attraction
Ubud is the “artistic capital” where the infamous dance of Kecak of Bali can be watched. It is also home to the Ubud Monkey Forest where macaques can be observed.

Weekend Trips
Lombok, a largely rural and undiscovered island East of Bali. Rich vegetations, waterfalls and crater lake at the center of its volcano.

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