Remote work in Belgrade with Wanderos


A warm and welcoming city that is known for a festival filled culture and empathetic hospitality. One of the oldest cities in Europe, the city has a long, interesting history in a focal strategic location for multiple empires. A city of fine arts, festivals and a nightlife that makes it a city that never sleeps.

Brief History
The first farming inhabitants date back past 6000 BCE. Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Serbian and Austrian empires all had Belgrade as an important and strategic location.

What It Is Known For
History, art, sport is only topped by the very well known city that never sleeps with its nightlife.

A location for many world know arts festivals, Belgrade has become the premier location in area for culture. Music, theatre, fine arts are rich within the city. A jovial, proud nightlife continues each day.

Must See
Visit the Belgrade Fortress, one of the symbolic landmarks of the country is also a location for the pristine view of the Danube River.

Nearby Attraction
Exercise through Kosutnjak Hill in a less crowded area for an escape from the concrete.

Weekend Trips
Take a tour of the Danube River visiting the Iron Gate Gorge and Lepenski Vir for outstanding fortresses and sites dating back to 7000 BCE.

For an even closer look apply to Wanderös and see the sites in person!