Travel / Balance

Wanderös Experience

Wanderos offers professionals and creatives the opportunity to explore dozens of countries across the globe over the course of 6, 12 or 18 months with other passionate travellers.

We arrange all travel, lodging, and logistics so you can focus on work, passionate pursuits, and enjoying your travel experience.

Travel while working

By 2020, more than half of the world is expected to be working remotely (London Business School, 2014). Working remotely encompasses not only “traditional” office jobs (i.e. accounting, engineering, marketing) but also more creative endeavors including digital artists, writers, photographers, bloggers, and designers.

What’s Included

Travel & Accommodations

All travel between destinations (planes, trains, submarines, hot air balloons). Clean and safe individual rooms, in-country Wanderos Hosts.

Office Connectivity

24/7 workspace with Wi-Fi, group communication app, local sim cards and more, including: every amenity you need to work or pursue your passions remotely.


Museums, Guided Tours, Cultural Celebrations, Beach Parties, Dance Clubs, Live Music, Jungle Treks, Snorkeling, Hikes and Monthly Events.

2016 Destinations

Three unique Journeys lasting 6 months each. Spend one month in every destination city.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

How Payments Work

$1,900/month (paid on the 1st of each month) along with a one-time $3,000 downpayment. Payments are completely secured via direct deposit.

Combining Jöurneys

Choose any combination of our three journeys and spend up to 18 months traveling the world. Your initial deposit covers all subsequent segments.

Location Flexibility

While with Wanderos, you have the flexibility to travel to nearby areas, cities, and countries. Our chosen locations are within proximity of many other great destinations, and we encourage everyone to explore.

Application Process

  1. Step One – Submit your basic information
  2. Step Two – Complete online application
  3. Step Three – We setup a Skype interview
  4. Step Four – All successful applicants can then reserve their spot by submitting a deposit
Apply for Wanderos

Important: Spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis for each Journey start date – in order to ensure placement in your selected start date we suggest submitting your deposit as early as possible. Should your preferred start date fill up – you will have the opportunity to reserve a place on a different journey/start date.


Frequently Asked Questions

To combine multiple journeys (ie, South America + Europe) simply mark the journeys you are interested in in your application. We will verify your journey selections during your interview.

That’s it, you are set to travel for 12 to 18 months! We will facilitate the rest.

No, each traveler will be responsible for their own remote employment.

Wanderos is the travel, accommodations, logistics, and community organizer.

No, Wanderos is perfect for anyone who is pursuing a passion.

This may include:
developers, writers, business professionals, designers, photographers, bloggers, freelancers, telecommuters, yoga instructors, programmers, language tutors, evil geniuses, scuba instructors, astronauts and more.

Each traveler has the freedom to come and go as they please throughout the Wanderos experience.

The group will continue traveling and you can meet up with us at our next destination.

No, animals are often quarantined by customs for longer than 30 days.
If you get sick, you can seek medical treatment in our host country or choose to go elsewhere.

We recommend checking with your current healthcare provider to ensure your coverage extends outside America, or purchasing travel insurance that will.

We design our trips to be as close to as many interesting locations as possible and encourage you to take advantage of being in the area.

Just get back in time to travel the next destination with the group or you will have to meet us there.

To support our groups having the best possible experience, we strongly discourage it.

Also, we arrange travel accommodations well in advance, so anyone choosing to leave early will be subject to an exit fee.

We suggest bringing a small amount of cash whenever you travel.

It doesn’t have to be much, but it is always nice to know you can buy a taxi back to your accommodations if need be.

Conversational English is the only language required to travel with Wanderos.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a native speaker or that we don’t welcome anyone with a native language that isn’t english – but we want to make sure the Wanderos can communicate with one another.

We are also currently working on offering trips with other languages as the core language.

Bring an outlet adaptor and know the wattage requirement for each of your electronics.
We welcome travelers contributions to our blog.
Of course! Follow us social media and share your photos there.
Have your friends apply with us and we will prioritize your applications as a group.

We only provide accommodations for the Wanderers in our group but it is always nice to see a friendly face if they want to come visit you.

Each Wanderer will be required to direct deposit his/her downpayment and monthly fee via direct deposit. (USD)

We will help you setup everything.

No, we plan activities for anyone and everyone who wants to attend but participation is never required.
No big deal. You will have the exact location of our next destination, as well as our contact information, just meet us there.
We do not provide visas, only the host governments can provide visas.

Each person is responsible for making sure they have the proper visa for each destination.

We will provide resources to help you through the process.

The necessary vaccines are determined by where you are planning to travel.

Here is a link to a resource on vaccines we suggest you get all needed vaccines prior to travel.

Maybe. Most credit cards work internationally but many vendors do not take credit card.

Also, a quick phone call to your credit card company telling them your travel plans should prevent them from shutting your card off when they see international charges.

Maybe. All cities have cell phone coverage but a local sim card may be required to avoid international roaming charges from your provider.
There is a maximum of 1 large suitcase and one carrying backpack/bag.

We suggest you pack as light as is comfortable for you.

You should take a picture or copy of your passport and keep it in a safe location just in case.

You will also likely need to contact your consulate or embassy in the host country and start the process of getting a new one.

The workspaces vary. Sometimes workspaces will be hotel conference rooms, other workspaces might be an attached cafe that we have rented out.

Whatever the situation, you can rest assured that you will have internet and workspace available 24/7.

We also suggest you occasionally try immersing yourself in the local culture a bit and go work from a nearby coffee shop or library.

If you have great skills and mesh well with our company culture we are always interested in adding new team members.