Hanoi, Vietnam

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Hanoi is undergoing a fast transformation over the past decades, the charming city of Hanoi is a bustling place with a long history. From the infamous Old Quarter with the Dong Xuan Market to touring over 600 temples and pagodas, the ever growing city is one to be remembered.

Brief History
Inhabited since 3000 BC, the city was formally established in 1010 AD. Multiple names have passed in its history from chinese rule to French colonization. Honai has stuck and older names have been shrugged off. More than 600 temples and pagodas exist within the city,

What It Is Known For
Famous for is historical sites, lakes and abundant entertainment places.

Genuine arts and crafts that are sold bring a unique shopping experience for the 1000 year old city. Tasty delicacies of Vietnamese food brings enjoyable partaking for locals and travelers.

Must See
Visit the electric bustle of the Old Quarter for deep culture, food and shopping. Home of the Dong Xuan Market.

Nearby Attraction
If the nerves of steel strike, tour the historical Hoa Lo Prison used during the war with the Americans and the colonial french. A unique perspective from the Vietnamese.

Weekend Trips
Take a guided, custom tour of the countryside through Vietnam Motorbike Rides for an unforgettable experience of North Vietnam.

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