Located in Central Dalmatia, Croatia, life has been going on for thousands of years in Split. This exuberant city is full of life and history to be discovered along the Adriatic coastline. Home to one of the most impressive Roman monuments, Diocletian’s Palace, the city is location that has modern tones and an embraced understanding of its history. A gorgeous cityscape with outlets of surrounding nature and backdrop of Adriatic waters.

Brief History
Established history surrounds Roman emperor, Diocletian choosing the spot for his retirement in the early 4th century. Greeks, Byzantines and Venetians also inhabited and controlled the city. The city was a Italian controlled area during WWII. Split declared independence in 1991 and gained momentum in development in the 2000s.

What It Is Known For
The city’s core is the vast Diocletian palace built for the retired home for Roman emperor, Diocletian.

Locals are relaxed and informal amongst the busy and populated city, with high interest in sports and the outdoors.

Must See
Diocletian’s Palace is of mystical proportions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 4th century palace built for the Roman emperor, Diocletian is a large tour bringing visitors from all over the world.

Nearby Attraction
Visit the active nature in Marjan for swimming, biking, running above Diocletian’s Palace and old Split.

Weekend Trips
See the turquoise waters and pristine waterfall of the national park, Parco Nazionale Krka.

For an even closer look apply to Wanderös and see the sites in person!